BFFs.  Probably my favorite photo of Mark & me, even if those were the days of highlights and mine were growing out.  Now approaching our 42nd year of marriage.  A miracle. Read A Parade of Tiny Marvels and you’ll likely agree!

Lily and Abigail ( 3rd daughter and firstborn) on a rented catamaran in Sarasota Bay
Christmas 2021 in The Selby Garden, Sarasota, FL, snuggled next to one of the banyan trees: David (oldest son; 4th of 5), Brad (Abigail’s favorite guy), Abigail & Claire (middle daughter)
(left to right) Abigail, John Mark, David, Claire & Lily. “The Flying Circus” The Dress-Up box was a favorite! Apparently missing our dress-up days, Lily invited us to her college
graduation and claimed everyone would be dressed in 20’s outfits. Guess which 7 were the only ones so costumed?!
Abigail (at 17?) at her grandparents’ farm in Oconomowoc, WI. She now owns two horses, both given to her, and lives in Redding, California where she edits and ghostwrites for a few authors.
Claire (age 14?) At her grandparents’ dock on Oconomowoc Lake. Now a professional photographer and wonderful foster mom.
Lily (age 12?) In an unusually pensive mode for our young dynamo! Now a medical resident D.O. in New Mexico
David (age 11?) A gentle, fun, deep-thinking one. The right hand man for the head of a small. surprisingly lucrative internet sales company.
John Mark & Bo Diddley. Our baby, now towering over both parents, a hard worker, avid reader and great lover of his family. On the verge of training other pilots and gaining the 1500 flight hours needed to go commercial.

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