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I’ve written all my life.  Poetry and short stories for small literary magazines, dramas, articles and film scripts for festivals, non-profits and retreats. There have been dozens of journals (which helped in the writing of this story). This is my first book.

Despite having resolved to never marry, I ended up with a tender-hearted man with whom I’ve shared a tremendous friendship for 35 years. That wouldn’t have been possible (given my penchant for transience) if it weren’t for the immensely helpful intervention of the Holy Spirit. Sorry if that wounds “woo-woo,” but it’s true. It-could-have-only-been-God also helped me move far beyond my aversion to children and being an inevitable misfit for motherhood (though the latter miracle took a few decades). We’ve been entrusted with five perfect, now-adult children who follow all our advice, agree with all our opinions and no longer pick their noses in public.

Anyone who’s read Poking Chocolates would know that I would consider that last bit a statement of failure… except for the nose-picking (you know who you are!)

What else can I say, given that Poking Chocolates contains so many intimate details about the deeper aspects of my life?  Anything else mentioned here would only bore you.

photo-1.10- Nancy

Nancy Unsworth, an amazing woman gifted with a wide-ranging mind and a variety of abilities, has seriously enriched my life. Regarding writing, she has done a very different sort, writing for and editing a couple of magazines and producing two books on writing for Houghton Mifflin. She taught English for two years and is a wonderful, detailed storyteller in her own right. I hope one day she will write her own, very different memoir.

I am immensely pleased that she and her good husband have chosen to live near us in Bradenton, Florida. Life has become a lot more fun!


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