Schedule for talks below all this flurry of feedback 

FEEDBACK re: two of our talks :

Re: our “Building Bridges” talk” –  “I want you to give this talk to all our students. I mean it. You should take this on the road!” – Jack Davis,  Gordon-Conwell Seminary professor/  Chair of the Dept of Theology

Re:  “The Pains & Gains of Collaboration” talk:       “Your and Nancy’s presentation … rivaled a Nora Ephron play and you were both perfectly cast! Your script was tightly organized to reveal the difficulties of merging classic and conversational writing styles into a cohesive book that did not lose the “voice” of the author….  Thank you for sharing the intimacy of your heart and mind and for motivating me to be a better writer and friend.”                                       – Sally Holloway, Vice President,  Friends of the Library, Edenton, NC

“Cia – Thank you for opening that door for me to pass through to a world of expressive language to use to tell my Mom’s story with special heart. – Mary Anne, Edenton Public library

[You have shown us that] “It’s possible for two ‘Lone Arrangers” to come together and create an inspiring work of art, as well as  a lasting friendship. — co-submitted by Linda & Susan, Edenton

“You two are an absolutely well-honed team.  Both passionate and real.  Great energy!  The way you shared your journey, warts and all, you became one with us.”    – Carole Stephens Bibisi, Author/Entertainer, ABC Writers Association, Sarasota, FL

Feedback re: Misfit Makeovers talk                              (written for Stonecroft Women’s Ministries):

from North Lakeland, FL:                                                                                                                                  “Thankful for the speakers. Amazing message. – Diane Grasso                                             “Awesome story” – Karen Warren                                                                                                  “Beautiful, interesting and unique testimony.” – Phyllis Rohrback                                                                                                             “What a wonderful blessing.  From start to finish!” – Shirley Smith                                                 “You should put that on radio and TV!” – Norma Roberts.                                                                  “You both touched my heart.” – Ginger Kory .                                                                                        ” Very fun!” – Marian Arakelian .                                                                                                                         “You two were the best speakers we’ve ever had.” – Kathleen Lanasa.                                    “Out of this world.” – Lana Kempf.   “Your presentation was beautifully presented and received.” – JoAnn Lively

from Ocala, FL: “Thank you for your wonderful sharing on Tuesday. I read over the comment cards again and the ladies loved your style and your honesty. Several said you were “the best speakers ever” and “Get them back again!” – Linda Bertolami, Chairwoman

from DeBary, FL:  “…their message touched my heart.” – Nita Foley.  ” “Beautiful, clear message.”” – Doris Hume.  ” Fun, interesting and inspiring.”  – Susan Frey.  “Wonderful, encouraging speakers” – Susan Pouge (?)   “Fantastic!” – Jean Jeffcoat.  “A special blessing” – Grace Wright.  ” Fabulous speakers!” – Dottie Hardwick.   ” Awesome speakers. SO true & real– thank you – Mary Leone.  “This was the best presentation I have heard in the three years [I’ve been coming]. – Toby Troutman  “The best presentation I have heard. The contrast [between the two speakers] was beautiful. So well done!” – Patti Hart, Chair

from North Tampa, FL –     “…The testimonies were remarkable.” – Stephanie Lake; “inspiring“– Janet Ecolf;     “Very funny and inspiring!”– Stephanie Stevens;      “I really appreciate your truthfulness. Thank you for your memories, both good and bad.”– Polly Naylor;      “Speakers had excellent synergy .” Audrey MIller;      “Your presentation was uniquely presented and well understood!!” – Josephine Townsend;  “I could listen to you two forever!” – June Gordon; “Speakers were outstanding. SO glad I came. I like the style of having two speakers share their stories.” – Marilynn Underwood; “I loved loved loved the story of friendship – thank you!” – Tana Harper; “Terrific! ” – Jeanne Golden; “So enjoyed the speakers today. What a beautiful amazing friendship!” – Connie Moffat

from Tampa, FL – “The BEST speakers ever !”– Dinah Dees; ” That was the best program we’ve ever had in Stonecroft’s history! I loved their presentation. So meaningful. Please continue talking to other women.” – Shirley Suckow; “A wonderful, unique disclosure of God’s plan.” – Sheryl L.;”Delightful speakers with great testimonies.” – Sandy Sherrill; “Powerful speakers…”– Mary Hall; “One of the best programs…” – Jessie Anderson;”Speakers were great. Spoke right from the heart, and so sincere. ; – )” – Wilma M. Carlson; “Enjoyed the speakers and their stories, they were the best I have heard.” – Sharon Peterson; “Excellent – one of our best.” – Peggy Pauquette

from (South) Lakeland, FL:”…powerful testimony!“-Susanne Porter; “Wonderful speakers and what stories!” –Ginger Spooner; “This was wonderful. I really appreciated hearing about your relationship with God and each other.Thank you so much!” – Linda Atherton; “…outstanding program…  the “duet” of McKoy and Unsworth was great!” – Wynn Datiller (sp?); “Very inspiring speakers.” – Helen Woolery; Wow – your presentation and testimony were precious. Enjoyed.” – Marilyn Nose (?)

from Foley, AL: “Thank you for coming to Foley and telling all of us your story! I know the gals went home FULL and I’m not talking about the food…Please come back! You are both such a blessing to others. ”  – Berni Combs; “Been coming for 20 years. Your story, the very best!” – Connie Roter(?)Roth?  “Awesome!” – Sue Wiggins; “Energizing!” – Janet Whitney; “As I move on around the country your ministry will give me strength & hope.” – Mary Brown; “Love the dynamics of a duo [speaking] …Victoria Armstrong;   “Touched my heart! Thank you!” – Elizabeth; “I was so blessed today from these ladies!!!”– Jeanette Tiffany; “Loving and meaningful personal message containing God’s love and guidance.” – Rev. Cal Hanson; “Thank you for the encouragement to continue seeking God with my whole heart and seeking his plan for my life.” – Lisa Britt; “A wonderful blessing.” – Tammye Dearing; “Very good meeting. Enjoyed the different approach.” – Betty Somer; “Wonderful speakers!” – Jennifer Radford; “Wow!  Awesome program! Thank you, Nancy and Cia!!!”– Angie Speakman; “Nancy & Cia are marvelous speakers and it was very moving. Thank you for the opportunity to hear them.” – Melanie Deters; “Entertaining, yet with deep meaning and sincere message.” – Lora Horn “The speakers were honest and true. Thank you. – Pat Box;”I think this was one of the best if not the best CWC luncheon that I’ve been to.” – Unsigned; “Wonderful message. Wonderful speakers. Ditto from my neighbor without a card.” – Lynda Comes; “…very interesting and rewarding.” – Wanda Fife; “Wonderful and captivating [back and forth message] which gave much comfort and reassurance.”– Glenda Mayfield; “Heart touching” – Jerrie Brown; “Amazing how two opposite people have been brought together. A God thing.” – Verna Payne

from Enterprise, AL and Panama City, FL:  “Loved every moment” – Dusty Ann Crabtree “Nancy & Cia were amazing!” – Natasha Daniels; “…so good!“– Susie Taylor; “Amazing speakers and beautiful stories!” – Cordy Crawford;  “Excellent.” – Gladys Sangsland; “Amazing!!” – Felicia Felder; “Loved it! Wonderful testimonies to God’s grace….” – Sharon Curtis;    “Best presentation of the gospel ever!”– Ollie Moton; “It was such a blessing to listen to how God touched your lives.” – Mary Pat Bias from Northport, FL“You two were a breath of fresh air. Beautiful story & friendship.” – Carla Diegel, leader    “The story of your amazing friendship … was most inspiring.” – Lois Stout    “Comforting thoughts.”  – Georgia Mitchell    I was blessed by both of the speakers. [Their stories] certainly encouraged me to share my faith more boldly.” – Gisela  Rodenbeck   “Unique presentation. Thank you!” – Barbara Evenhart  “The talk was very inspiring.” – Judy McGafffey; “Thank you for your Inspiring, Awesome Friendship and Testimony!” – Ana Hubbart; “Speakers were super!” – Jan McLendon

 from the Gainesville, FL talk:                                                                                                                    “Cia and Nancy were wonderful and had something [to say] for everyone.” – Carolyn Randles   “The speakers were some of the best!! Thank you, God. ” -Layne Sasser  “Great inspirational program.” Rev. Karen Burris                                                                                                                                 “Wonderful speakers. Enjoyed the unusual approach of [having] two speakers.” – Betty Martin  “You all were really awesome!” – Kelly Shore     “Inspiring.” – Sue (can’t read last name)   “The presentation [i.e., the talk] helped secure and increase my commitment to God.” – Pat Gleason “Thoroughly enjoyed program. I feel closer tithe ever to God” – Cathy Cataldi (area code 352; I. may have her with the wrong city)

from Panama City, FL:                                                                                                                                   “…very animated and comical.” – Kathleen Stephens                                                                                                             “Great speakers. Can’t wait to read the book!” – Karen Harris                                                           “You were both very real and touching.”  – Janice Roberts

from Not Sure Where, likely an accumulation of engagements since I had a pile of comment cards on my desk…. (area code 251, 402, 706  & 850):                                                                                                                                 “Your story, the very BEST!  And I’ve been coming for 20 years,” – Connie Roth    ” Excellent program [Nancy played harp]– all aspects were energizing to me as a Christian. Thank you.” – Janet Whitney  “As I move on around the country, your ministry will give me strength & hope.” – Mary Brown    “Speakers were outstanding. So glad I came. I like the style of having two speakers sharing their stories.” – Marilynn Underwood     “Loving and meaningful personal message…”– Cal Hanson   “Love the dynamic of a duo & and their ongoing bond and growth in Christ… Praise God!” – Victoria Armstrong      “Touched my heart.  Thank you!” – Elizabeth.      ” Wow! Awesome program! Thank you Nancy and Cia!!!” – Angie Speckman (area code 706)       “I think this was one of the best if not THE best CWC luncheon that I’ve ever been to. The music [Nancy’s harp playing] was wonderful too. – unsigned comment card.  “Entertaining, yet with deep meaning and a sincere message” – Lora Horn  “Speakers honest and true. Thank you” – Pat Box.   “Awesome luncheon!!! Nancy & Cia you were great. Keep up the good work.” – Karen Haines (area code 402).    “Speakers were super!”  – Jan McLendon    “Wonderful and captivating role play which gave much comfort and reassurance.”  – Glenda Mayfield (area code 850). “Nancy & Cia are marvelous speakers and it was very moving.  Thank you for the opportunity to hear them.” – Melanie Defers



 All talks (most recent at the top) in blue are for “Misfit Makeovers                                                                                           (Publicity blurb: “– a Bohemian rebel & a joyless churchgoer collide en route to dramatic spiritual makeovers).   This is one of the 25 min. collaborative talks  done with Nancy Unsworth.  (All in blue open to the public. Write for contact info. to make reservations.)

The Villages  (tentative)                                                                     February 12, 2019

New Port Richie (Women’s Connection)                                November 12, 2018

Sun City Center, FL                                                                                         May 10, 2018

North Lakeland, FL                                                                                         May 3, 2018

Clearwater, FL                                                                                                   April 11, 2018

Brandon, FL                                                                                                     April 9, 2018

Cape Coral, FL                                                                                               March 12, 2018

Naples (on boat), FL                                                                                     March 2, 2018

Ocala, FL.                                                                                                   February 27, 2018

Leesburg- Tri-Cities, Tavares, FL                                                     January 18, 2018

Bonita Springs-Estero, FL                                                                  January 11, 2018

Vero Beach, FL  ( Vero Beach Country Club)                          December 14, 2017                                    

Brooksville/Spring Hill, FL  ( Silverthorn Country Club)     December 5, 2017                                                                     

Naples, FL    (Covenant Pres. Church; 6-8:30pm)                           April 28, 2017                                                                                                                                

Crystal River, FL                                                                                            April 11, 2017                      

Homosassa, FL                                                                                              April 11, 2017                        

Palm Harbor, FL   (Women’s Connection)                                      March 14, 2017                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Sarasota, FL     (Women’s Connection)                                               March 9, 2017                    

Tampa, FL    (New Tampa Women’s Connection)                     February 21, 2017                                                                                                                              

Sarasota, FL          (Pilar Goldstein’s Tea Party)      February 17, 2017                                                                                                

DeBary, FL           (DeBary Women’s Connection)                       February 16, 2017                                                          

South Tampa, FL                                                                                       February 9, 2017              

Lakeland, FL       (The Club at Eaglebrooke)                                  February 1, 2017                                                                                                                                     

Foley, AL                                                                                                      January 12, 2017                                                                 

Enterprise, AL                                                                                January 10 & 11, 2017

Panama City, FL          (Panama City CWC)                                 January 10, 2017                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Panama City CST                                                                                     January 9, 2017                                                                                                                                                                                       

Tallahassee, FL                                                                                         January 9, 2017                                                    

Cocoa Rockledge, FL  (Brevard Women’s Connection)        December 9, 2016                                                                                                                                        

Gainesville, FL   (Stonecroft Women’s Connection)            November 14, 2016                                                                                                                           

Northport, FL        (Women’s Connection)                                   November 8, 2016                                                                           

St. Augustine, FL        (for 30 Stonecroft regional reps)              August 25, 2016                                                                   

Milwaukee, WI                                                                                             August 18,2016                2pm Book reading, etc. at The Woman’s Club

Los Angeles, CA                                                                                              April, 2016

April 7,  7pm,  Santa Fe Arts Building, downtown LA arts district                     April 8,  7pm reading at All Saints, Beverly Hills, CA                                                                                     April 10 Santa Barbara  dinner & reading at Davonzos’; by invitation only

Sarasota, Florida                                                                                       

January 19, 2016: Nancy & I talk on our experience of the co-writing process (“The Pains & Gains of Collaboration”) at the Sarasota Writer’s Group, Selby Library; 12pm

February 13, 2016: Braden River Library, Bradenton, FL  Collaboration talk

March 6, 2016:  FCA gathering :  talk on Building Bridges to Those Unlike You; 5pm

*     *     *     *     *

Edenton, North Carolina (October, 2015):

October 12th: (10 – Noon):  United Methodist Church – “Maintaining Long-Term Relationships”

October 13th: Episcopal Church Women’s meeting (St. Paul’s Episcopal Church): “Maintaining Long-Term Relationships”

Evening gathering hosted by Terri Williford; Edenton Bay,  My personal story, then Q & A about L’Abri, the book, etc.

October 15th: Edenton Book Club – book talk and Q & A time @ Anne Rowe’s

October 16th: United Methodist Church youth room “Building Bridges”

October 17th: NC Authors speak – Denton Public Library – “The Pains & Gains of Collaboration”

*     *     *     *     *     *

Boston Area (September, 2015):

September 23: The River Run Bookstore, Portsmouth, NH    6:30pm

September 25: Caleb & Bonny Lorings’, Hamilton, MA, – “Building Bridges to Those with Very Different Lifestyles and Mindsets”

September 26:  10 – Noon: The Bridge (women’s group): “Maintaining Long-Term Relationships”

4:15pm  WEZE Talk Show radio interview (30 mins)

September 27:  Kim & Ted Ober’s home, North Hamilton, MA  ” Maintaining Long-Term Relationships”

  *     *     *     *     *     *