There are several ways in which you can order this book, but  ordering directly from me has two advantages:

1.  I’m offering a discount to those who buy from this website (and a better discount for those ordering multiple copies):
$13.50 (for 1) includes shipping (within the US)


2.  All profits will be going to IJM (International Justice Mission), a fabulously effective organization that works at several levels to prevent human trafficking and injustice worldwide. IJM trains local police in conducting raids, works with honest judges, police chiefs and legislators to either enforce extant laws against human slavery or create new ones. They coach prosecutors and accompany victims in court, provide aftercare with cooperating non-profits and persevere until the perpetrators face severe penalties. (This latter priority helps squelch a copycat replication of these tremendously profitable, degrading businesses.)


Send a check to:
Cia McKoy / PC Fund
P.O. Box 21134
Bradenton, FL 34204

Pay through Paypal
(For the uninitiated: go to, click on SEND, insert
and the amount, then hit Continue. Hopefully that’ll do it. But please let me know by e-mail that you have deposited $ there and how much and how many books you want or I might never be aware of your order.  Write me at:


If you need to pay by credit card, you might as well go through Amazon.
They also sell the Kindle version for $5.99.  Audible also has the audio version.

There’s a greater discount if you order multiple copies:

Three copies to one address = $30 ($10 per book + $4 shipping for the 3, within the U.S.)

Five copies to one address = $55
($10 for each book + $5 mailing charge for all 5, within the U.S.
One book sent costs me $2.69 – $3.32 to send)

Write me at or if you get no reply from the first e-mail address re: the cost of additional books if you’re hurting for cash and want to share copies with others. We can work something out.

The hardcover books are incredibly expensive. ($35 from Archway, not including shipping). The cheapest I’ve seen goes on Amazon for $27.90 (including shipping).
Because of the cost and questionable popularity, I’m not ordering any to resell.

I’m committed to mailing out books at least twice a week, so your wait should be less than that for books ordered from Amazon, etc.

Thanks for your interest and for wading through all the verbiage!

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